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Tour Guide, Educator, Mother.


Native English speaker, born in 1984 in the United States, I have been living in Israel for nearly thirty years. Growing up in Jerusalem, one of the most intriguing and complex cities on earth, I have always been attracted to its history. Living in Tel Aviv and raising three young children, I keep my fingers on the pulse of its present. 

Guiding has always been a part of my life: in youth groups, throughout my army service and shortly after as I was among the youngest licensed tour guides upon graduation. I have since gained 15 years of experience but am still as excited as I was on my very first day every time I meet a group, family or individual.



Leading trips since 2006, I have gained experience with a wide range of clients including:

  • Private Family Tours (Multigenerational)

  • Multifaith Group Programs

  • VIP Travel

  • Jewish Federation Missions 

  • Ivy League Geopolitical Student Treks 

  • Foreign Government Delegations

  • Informal Jewish Education (Teens & Young Adults)

  • Women's Leadership Missions

  • Holocaust Education in Poland

  • Corporate Travel 


Private Tours
Highlights Tour: Jerusalem
Graffiti Tour: Tel Aviv
Bar / Bat Mitzvah Journeys
Day Tour: Tel Aviv-Jaffa
Old City: Jerusalem
Day Tour: Jerusalem
Dead Sea & Masada
Culinary Tours: Tel Aviv

Sites & Sights

Guiding Jerusalem
On the Bus
Gaza Region
Jaffa Overview
Private Tour
Bakery in Levinsky Market
Jaffa Gate, Jerusalem
Levinsky Market Tour
Feeding birds at Masada
Carmel Market
Carmel Market
Old City Jerusalem
TLV Carmel Market Bar
Old City JLM Davidson Center
Halva Store
Tower of David
Poland Winter
Azura in Shuk


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Hadara Arbel


Weizmann 117, Apt. 2

Tel Aviv, Israel


Email: hadara.arbel@gmail.com

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Gaza Region